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Folded Flyer, Leaflets
Folded Flyers

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creased Business Cards

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Calendar 2015

NEW: Letter paper 90g as a flyer variant for folded flyers                                                                         

  • PremiumPrePrint 90g / m²
  • uncoated paper, good to inscribe
  • easily with high volume and stability
  • high whiteness and opacity
  • good processing properties
  • 4/0 and 4/4 colors
  • laser and inkjet suitable
STAFFIX - statische Folie
Express production

New elite quality for your printing needs.
New elite quality for your printing needs. When creating promotional products, the paper quality is a key feature. If the material appears inferior, the most professional printing remains unseen. flyerwire goes with the best paper quality in series From now on use our new Elite 400g paper for all the postcards, folded cards, film laminated cards and film laminated folded cards for short runs, up to 1000 units in digital printing. You need larger quantities? No Problem! Show high class with high quality flyers, folders, cards or folded cards. For this we offer you our proven elite 300g paper in offset printing, from 250 pieces.
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